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BOAT HUT – Modular Inflatable structure for shipyard

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The modular inflatable structure has been developed by the engineers of PMS to create an appropriate working area for boat maintenance without polluting the environment or affecting other boats. Works like painting, structure’s modifications, varnished or blasting treatment are performed inside. Sailing or motor boats with length less than 30 m can be covered by these structures.

An ideal structure for shipyard

It is a low pressure inflatable structure with an easy-to-fit interior liner of PVC fabric.

This structure allows to cover, without scaffolding, small and medium-sized boats for painting works under any meteorological condition for a very reduced cost.

Thanks to the small dimensions of packaging, lightness and easy installation, it allows to be assembled very fast anywhere in the shipyard esplanade. The anchor is made with lugs or weights.

A modular structure

The BOAT HUT is the only system that can adapt the structure to the length of the boat. Formed by a base unit of a tubular mesh structure of 10m length by 8m width by 7m high, it can be added 5m segments attached to the main structure through a clipping system.

Its versatility permits to cover sailboats without the need to dismantle the mast.

Advantages of the inflatable structures

  • Quick installation
  • Transportable
  • Modular
  • Resistant
  • Safe
  • Removable
  • Economic
  • Allows ventilation, extraction and heating
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